Thursday’s Thoughts: Genetic Testing

I found a new blog at written by a youngish fellow, Jeremy Balkin, who works at Family Tree DNA, a firm that does genetic testing. While I clicked through to the blog because of my desire to better understand genetic testing, what caught my eye was something different.

In Jeremy’s profile, he brags about placing 7th in his 4th grade Spelling Bee. Jeremy, how’s this for one-upsmanship: I placed 2nd in my school’s spelling bee when I was a 6th grader at P.S. 174 in East New York, Brooklyn. The boy who won went on to compete in the borough spelling bee. His surname was Hamburger, a name not easily forgotten. On second thought, maybe it was Frankfurter? He was eliminated in the first round with the word ‘mathematics’. What a waste! I knew how to spell ‘mathematics’. I could have aced that round. I could have been on my way to Brooklyn spelling bee champion. Continue reading