Family Friday: Abraham Wolf

Abraham “Abe” Wolf was born in Tureczki, a small village near the town of Turka in Galicia in Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine).

Map showing Tureczki-Wyzne

Map showing Tureczki-Wyzne

His parents were Hersch Wolf and Golda Ruchel Katz Wolf (see Wolf Family Outline and Harold’s Family). Abraham’s date of birth is an open question. His birth date was recorded on documents as occurring on a variety of different dates from 1903 to 1909.*  Dates of birth are often imprecise for immigrants, so it’s not so surprising. Continue reading


Family Friday: Bella Rubinstein Wolf

Bella Wolf was born on February 1, 1914. Her records list her official birth date as February 1, but Bella celebrated her birthday on January 1.  Her Uncle Harry Tillem insisted January 1 was the correct date and her mother was ill at the time and confused. Bella was given the Yiddish name Chaya Bayla. Her parents were Israel Jacob (Yiddish name: Yankel) Rubinstein and Rose (YIddish name: Ruchel Leah) Tillem Rubinstein (See Rubinstein Family History and Harold’s Family). Continue reading

Wishful Wednesday: Visa Files

I have added an item to my wish list today. The records today that I wish I could obtain are Visa Files. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website:

Visa Files are the official arrival records of immigrants admitted for permanent residence between July 1, 1924, and March 31, 1944. The photograph, large amounts of biographical information, and attached vital records make Visa Files among the most valuable immigration records for genealogical research.

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